XMeye NVR Security Camera Systems Manuals

This tutorial applies to xmeye NVR systems

NVR Installation

Hard Disk Installation

Please install the Hard Disk first. If not, the Video Recorder can only monitor normally, but it can not record or playback.

Hard Disk Installation
1. Remove the case
Hard Disk Installation
2. Plug in SATA cable
Hard Disk Installation
3. Screw HDD to the bottom
Hard Disk Installation
4. Install the case back

Notice: Please try to choose a special monitoring hard drive disk in order to record for a longer time. The video recorder supports 3.5″ or 2.5″ SATA Hard Drive Warning: please make sure the power is off before installation.

Boot & Preview

Make sure the power supply matches the requirements of the hard disk video recorder.
After connecting the power, the indicator on the front of the NVR will light on and you will hear a buzzer sound, then the display will boot up and the device will access to the preview image.
After the recovery of the non-normal power failure, the device will be automatically restored to the state before the power is off.

Function Setting

Login System

After the normal boot, you have to log in first and the system will provide the corresponding function according to the user’s rights.

Right click the mouse – (Main Menu)

Login System

Default username: admin
Password:(leave it blank, null password)

HDD Setup

Right click the mouse >【Main Menu】>【Advanced】>【HDD info】

HDD Setup

Choose the Hard Disk, click Format Storage, start to format the HDD.

Notice: Please confirm the Hard Disk is connected. The hard disk should be formatted before first use, so that it can record. It will be automatically overwritten when the Hard Disk storage is ful I if you set overwrite.


Right click the mouse > 【Main Menu】>【System】>【General】


[Storage Full]

Choose Overwrite: continue recording video and cycle covering the former video while the storage of HDD is full.

Choose Stop: Stop recording video while the storage of HDD is full.

[Auto Logout] You can set up a 0-60 min auto standby, 0 min means you don’t set up the standby time.

[Startup Wizard] Tick it to get startup wizard when reboot the system. (untick it as default)

Record Setup

Right click the mouse >【Main Menu】 >【Record Conf.】

Record Setup

[Length] Set up the time length for per Video file, Default time is 60 minutes.

[Period] Set up the record period, it will start-up recording within the period.

[Regular] Within the setup period, regular recording video.

[Detect] Within the setup period, trigger “motion” signal, the device start to record motion.


Notice: Default setting is a 24-hour recording continuously for all chan­nels.


Video Playback

Right click the mouse >【Main Menu】>【PlayBack】

Video Playback

  1. Choose Play Mode
  2. Choose Video Date
  3. Playback Channel Option
  4. Video Playback Time
  5. Playback Control Key

Video Playback

Video Backup

Right click the mouse > 【Main Menu】> 【System】> 【Backup】

Video Backup

Choose Video Type > Choose Channel > Choose time > Click Add button, search Video file, Choose the file in the list, Click Start button to backup, it will automatically prompt after backup completed.


Notice: USB disk must be FAT32 format. Please choose AVI format while backup, so that the backup video could play on PC directly.


Human Detection

Right click the mouse >【Main Menu】>【Alarm】>【IntelI igent Alert】

Human Detection

[Channel] Select demand Channel.

[IPC Activation] Set Alarm Sound and voice Prompts.

[Human Detect] When it detects people, it starts to record motion.

[Rule] Set detect area rule.

[Period] During the setting period, the device will trigger the alarm signal of human detection.

[Record Channel] Current channel you are setting is the Default Record Channel, when current channel detects motion, other channel will record motion if you choose other channels.

[MD Interval] During the interval time, there will trigger one alarm signal though is has motion detection for several times.

[Show Message] Tick it to show Alarm Status when detect motion.

[Buzzer] Tick it to beep when detect motion.

[FTP upload] Tick it to send message to FTP when detect motion.

[Send Email] Tick it to send Email when detect motion.

[Write Log] Tick it to write log when detect motion.

[Mobile reported] Tick it to send notifications to mobile via APP when detect motion.

Network Setup

Connect NVR to Router > Right click the mouse >【Main Menu】>【 Network】

Network Setup

[DHCP Enable] Tick it to automatically obtain the IP address assigned by the server.

[IP address] Must be a unique IP address on the same LAN segment to avoid conflicts with other equipment in local area.

[HTTP Port] a port number for remote visit, default value is 80.

Check Nat Status

Right click the mouse >【Main Menu】>【Advanced】>【Version】

Check Nat Status

[Series Number] Device Serial Number for remote view.

[Nat Status] Check the network status, begin a remote monitoring when shows connected.

Email Setup

Right click the mouse>【Main Menu】>【Network】> 【NetService】>【Email】

Email Setup

[SMTP Server] Sender’s mailbox (for example: gmail email).
[Port] Sender’s mailbox SMTP port.
[Encryption] SSL
[User Name] Username of the sender’s mailbox (must support and open SMTP function).

[Password] Password of the sender’s mailbox.
[Receiver] Receiver’s mailbox.
Click [Mail Testing] Send an email to receiver to test the Email setting.

Notice: Before testing the Email, please confirm the Network has been connected successfully. If it failed, then change Encryption to TLS or NONE.

User Management

Right click screen >【Main Menu】>【System】>【Account】

User Management

[Modify Password] Enter to Modify Password page, and modify password.

[Add User] Add User account and setup the User’s permissions. Enter into the Add User page, input the User Name and Password.

Notice: Password can be setup as number+letter combination, please record your password in other ways and keep it in a safe place to avoid forgetting.

Audio Setting

Right click the mouse >【Main Menu】>【System】>【Encode】

Audio Setting

[Video/Audio] Four ✓ show the video file for streaming video and audio

Remote View

Remote View Via PC

Open the IE Browser, enter https://www.xmeye.net, arrive at browsing page of remote view, choose “By Device”. Then enter Serial No., User­name, Password and Verify to realize remote view.

Remote View Via PC

Serial No: Enter device Serial Number
Username: admin (Default)
Password: Just leave it blank (as default null)

Remote View Via PC Client Software

Please reach us to get the latest management software for the PC. Open CMS PC client software after installation.

Remote View Via PC Client Software

Click the menu [System] >[Device Manager] to add the Device.

First, add area, then add device. Search the device’s IP of device of LAN or choose Cloud Login Type and input Serial ID. After that you can get remote view.

Remote View Via Smart Phone

1.Install the software: scan the QR code or search XMEye in APP store to download.

When turn on NVR for the first time > Camera Test】>Time Setup Wizard】> Network】> Install Mobile APP】

Remote View Via Smart Phone

2. Install successfully, register user, add device and begin a remote view. Scan SN QR code

Username: admin (default)

Password: just leave it blank (default)

Remote View Via Smart Phone

Step 1: Tap register and input your Username, password to create a new account

Step 2: Click “+” to add devices: input Serial No., username and password

Remote View Via Smart Phone

Step 3: After device added, click it to link the server

Step 4: Connect successful­ly and start to view video

Digital Channels Setup

Right click the mouse >【Main Menu】>【System】> (Digital】­>【ChannelType】

Digital Channels Setup

[Playback channel] number of channels that can playback simultaneously.

[Maximum number of preview] number of cameras can be viewed simulta­neously.

Tick in the small to switch and restart.

Add lP Camera

Right click the mouse >【Channel Set】>【IP channel】>【Quick Set】

Add lP Camera

Notice: Please confirm the User Name and Password of IPC is right or the video will not come out.

Important statements

The appearance of product is subject to actual product, the manual for reference only.

User manual and the software would be updated real-time, no special inform if updated.

The manual may contain technical inaccuracies, inconsistence of the product functions and operations, or some printing errors, all these will be subject to our final explanations.

Safety Caution

Do not put any bottle or cups with water on the device in case of spilling out.

Do not put the device under the condition of high-temperature, heavy-dust, direct-sunlight or close to heat-source.

Make sure the working temperature is between (-10°C-+S0°C)

Do not disconnect the device when it is energized